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Every child — every person — is a potential Christ-follower. It is our desire as a church and as a children’s ministry, to partner with parents and connect their child to Jesus to experience life change.

Creekstone Kids is the children’s ministry of Creekstone Church, serving children in grades Pre-K2 through 5 and uniquely designed with children in mind. From start to finish, we strive to make every child’s time with us a great experience by providing safe, age-appropriate environments where the Bible is taught in creative, relevant and fun ways!

Sunday Morning Check-In for Creekstone Kids begins at 9:45 AM and continues until 11:15 AM.

Exceptions are made for the children of volunteers and first-time visitors.

Our Vision & Values


The Creekstone vision values, Gather, Grace, Give, Grow, overflow into our Creekstone Kids ministry, with two important additions: SAFE and FUN!


“Gather with a passion for the presence of God.” As mentioned above, every person is a potential Christ-follower. This includes even the youngest babies and their families! What would a child’s life look like, how would the choices they make at ages 4, 14, 24, or 54 be impacted if they knew how much God loved them? Through song, conversation, purposeful play, prayer, and community, we desire to show parents and their children how a GATHERING with God can change their lives for eternity.


“Extend grace to the community and each other.” The Bible talks a great deal about doing life in community, and we desire to embrace on another in the very way Jesus Himself did — and commanded us to do. We desire Creekstone Kids to be a safe and loving community of believers, and there is no limit to how many will fit in this community. With open arms and loving hearts, we desire to share the burdens and blessings of life with one another and with our Creekstone Kids families. By embracing families and their children, we hope to make each hour in Creekstone Kids the best on of every child’s week. That is no small task, but if you’re here, you’re up for the challenge!


“Give ourselves away to God for His glory.” Jesus command us, in Acts 1:8 and Matthew 28:19 to go out into the world as His witnesses, proclaiming His good news to the very ends of the earth. That begins by sharing His message right here at home. Children are the most fertile field for evangelism, and it is our duty to share His message with them.


“Grow in the knowledge of our Lord, personally and corporately.”


We want Creekstone Kids to be a safe place for our children because it might be the only safe place they have. We also believe that spiritual growth happens best in a safe environment. This includes physical safety, emotional safety, spiritual safety, and sanitary conditions.


An absence of fun will result in an absence of kids. So, we are consistently looking for ways to create a fun environment. Kids will willingly come back if its fun, and they’ll invite their friends! In addition, children and adults are more motivated to learn when they are having fun doing it.